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Biographical Information

JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ
Cardiovascular Technician

Assist physicians in the performance of diagnostic cardiac catheterization studies in a 'state of the art' cardiac catheterization laboratory.

United States Naval Reserve, Detachment 119, San Diego, CA

Perform duties as a Hospital Corpsman both in San Diego and wherever needed during annual two week training evolutions.

University of California San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, CA
Programmer Analyst - Cardiology Department - October 1991 to October 1995

Developed and maintained Clipper compiled DbaseIII+ programs utilizing barcode technology to:

- Provide inventory control and cost-per-case analysis for a state of the art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

- Provide electronic storage and retrieval of all pertinent patient data and generation of timely management reports.

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Current Projects

Genealogy Research
Have traced the "Bromfield" family line to Scotland circa 1555 and later to the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica beginning in 1775. My thanks to the Mormon Church which made the majority of the research possible through their extensive records collection. This knowledge base has been expanded by field trips to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the Island Record Office and the Archives in Jamaica along with work performed at the (PRO) Public Record Office, London and the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.
Converting Pics to Digital Format
Am currently in the process of converting family pictures to digital format using a HP-5PSE flatbed scanner. .The "pics" will be available to family members on CD-ROM.
Converting Docs for Digital Retrieval
Have accumulated hundreds of pages of articles on the social history of the times. These, together with rare maps and books in the family's possession will also be digitalized and made available on CD-ROM.
Make Genealogy Data Accessible on Web Page
Make available in the form of tables, images and transcripts all data that may be of use to others researching the same geographical areas.

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Personal Interests

My very first computer was an Atari 800 back in 1981. I enjoyed writing simple programs in BASIC. Seven years later I took a course in "C" and learnt about writing structured programs! This culminated in writing DBASE III+ programs coupled with barcode technology to track both people and equipment in a large hospital environment. What a "Rush"!!!
If all creation is evolving then exploring the cultural evolution of our families is a worthwhile pursuit. Besides, . . . . it's FUN!!
Keeping fit and healthy is a number one priority for me. Running is great because I can do it wherever I go with little equipment and no planning.

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